Post-Delivery Care Kit

Matter Company

Let's not forget mama! If you are looking for a baby shower gift for the mom-to-be or want to pamper the new mom, this kit is perfect.  A 4-piece gift set to help mom recover after giving birth. 

This set includes:
Herbal Sitz Bath 13 g / .40 oz
Cooling Spray for Mom 30 ml / 1 oz
Nipple Cream 28 g / 1 oz
Mama Comfort Tea 13 g / .40 oz

Herbal Sitz Bath: Recommended by Midwives and Obstetricians, sitz baths use the principles of hydrotherapy to promote healing and comfort mom after she has given birth.

Cooling Spray for Mom: Who knew post-delivery would feel like this? Made up of astringent witch hazel, and a cooling blend of aloe vera, calendula, and peppermint essential oil, this Cooling Spray For Mom will soothe and refresh sensitive lady bits. 

USE FOR: Post-delivery soreness. Spray as needed directly onto your sore parts, especially after a shower or using the toilet. For extra cooling power, store this spray in the fridge.

Nipple Cream: This lanolin-free balm was created to help soothe, and heal chapped nipples due to breastfeeding

Mama Comfort Tea: New moms need support and this "New Mama Comfort Tea” was created with just that purpose in mind. Steeped with nourishing herbs of organic nettle, red raspberry, fennel and a hint of chamomile, this calming tea blend comforts mom during this precious time in her and her baby’s life.

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