Lonewoods | Beard Brush


Made with 100% pure boar's hair this military style beard brush is essential to your beard care. 

Sanded, branded, and stained by hand in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. The brush measures aproximately 5 inches X 2 1/4 inches, fitting comfortably in a man's palm. Its also very light weight.

Simply run the brush through your beard, and the extra-soft bristles will stimulate the production of natural oils. Use after applying Lone Wood's Premium Beard Oil, and the bristles will work the oil through your beard, ensuring maximum, even coverage. Regular brushing vitalizes the skin and prevents a dry beard, lifting away dust and dirt.

To clean your brush, wash in soapy water and rinse. Finish with a towel dry, and allow the brush to dry over night.

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