Aromatherapy Oil | Sleep


soft + comforting + sweet

Vitruvi Sleep roll on is inspired by the scent of warm cashmere, made with essential oils that have been traditionally used for centuries to promote rest. The calming aroma of Roman chamomile and french lavender paired with vetiver, frankincense and ylang ylang help create the perfect bedtime ritual.

Vitruvi roll ons are made in Vancouver and blended in 100% pure italian sweet almond, apricot seed oil and castor oil. Free of all parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes.

How To Use

Unscrew lid and roll the stainless steel roller ball onto pressure points such as


For a comforting bedtime ritual apply three circular movements to the middle of your palm, then rub both palms together briskly to release the aromas. Cup hands over mouth and nose and breathe deeply.

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