April 13, 2017

As a mom of 3 little ones myself, I can appreciate a list of thoughtful, practical baby shower gift ideas. There are the big ticket items sure, but it's the everyday quality essentials that many new moms crave. The everyday includes bath time, spit up, drool, diaper rashes...the list goes on.
1. Coconut & Oat Milk Bath by Bebe de Luxe 
A newborn's skin is sensitive, and some babies are ultra sensitive to fragrance, harsh ingredients and commercial soaps. My first had eczema, and as a new mom I became very aware of what triggered his symptoms. This all natural, vegan milk bath is meant to replace traditional soap. Just add a couple scoops into your little one's bath and your babe is good to go!

Naturally rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and saponins, this Coconut & Oat Milk Bath will gently clean your baby's sensitive skin without stripping the natural oils. A best seller and a sure win for babe (and mom-use as a mask or bath when babe is sleeping...shhh).
2. Multi-Use Bib by Numpfer
You better believe there will be spit up, drool, and messy feeds. A new mom will appreciate this multi-use bib by Numpfer.  First off, it functions as a bib really, really well. It is made of 100% organic bamboo terry cloth, so it is super soft and gentle on a little one's skin. Second, it serves a multi-purpose because it is a wash cloth and burp cloth too! Since it is highly absorbent and made of the softest fibres, it is the ideal multi-purpose cloth. And new moms want multi-purpose. Less is always more.
3. Knack Teether by Otherware
Beautifully designed and hand tied by a mom in British Columbia, these teethers are an essential for any new mom (and baby).  Made from buttery soft silicone beads and organic beechwood rings that are soft on babies gums and emerging teeth. These teethers are multi-use as they serve as a developmental toy that provides safe, tactile stimulation. It is easy to grab hold. The rings create a soft rattle that is soothing for your little babe, no matter the age.
4. Mom & Baby Travel Pack by Matter Company
This handy travel set features five essential mom and baby products in airplane-friendly travel-sized packages. Perfect for diaper bags and moms on the go! A Toronto-based natural skincare company, specializing in baby skin care, this is one of our favourite baby shower gifts. When baby takes his first vacay their skincare goods are travel-ready! All natural, non-toxic and place friendly.
5. Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion by Green Beaver
We only get blazing sunshine and heat a few months of the year here in Canada, so enjoy it while you can without worry. Made with all natural ingredients, this sunscreen is non-whitening, water and sweat proof and biodegradable. So pack a beach bag, throw in this sunscreen and seize the day!
6. GOO GOO card by Swell Made Co.
What better way to complete your baby shower gift than with a Swell Made Co. card? Witty, classy and with a little sparkle in just 6 letters. The perfect keepsake! (It makes an adorable art print when framed).
7. MAMA pendent & necklace by Swell Made Co.
Don't forget to spoil the special lady behind it all, mama-to-be.  This MAMA pendent can be purchased alone or with the chain. Either way, it is the perfect accessory to rock this summer. Be proud MAMA xoxo.
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